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Gauge quality of teaching

I MUST applaud the students who did well in their SPM examination and for those who did not do well, don’t give up.

Perhaps it is time for you to enrol in an established tuition centre for good results. The credit and praise must go to parents who send their children to tuition centres, and these days without additional help, most of the students will not be able to do well in exams.

Tuition classes have become a necessity nowadays because most schools have teachers who seem to lack the passion to teach.

In the past, tuition lessons were meant for weak students but currently they are a must for all categories of students.

So what are the teachers doing in the school? When I hear praises being heaped upon these these teachers from the media, it annoys me.

The Education Ministry is spending millions to increase the salaries of teachers but do the authorities really gauge their performance?

What is the yardstick used by the authorities to measure teaching quality? They are doing a disservice by sending under-performing teachers to some schools.

Take the Chinese school in Sitiawan, where my son is studying, as an example.

The less competent teachers are still in the school while the good ones are transferred to other schools.

The principal has been on medical leave for almost one month and she travels daily from Ipoh to Sitiawan.

Travelling long distance is tiring, so how can we expect her to focus on the teachers?

The other issue I would like to bring up is the heavy bags that school children are forced to carry to schools.

I don’t see any reason for students to carry such heavy textbooks and bags when lessons are not really taught in school.

Education Ministry officials should regularly visit schools to know of the problems at ground level.

Be that as it may, there are still good teachers around these days but they are rare gems.

My wish is for schoolchildren to be taught in schools.

This is because if they are taught by dedicated teachers, they will not have to rely on tuition classes to get good grades.


The STAR Home Education Sunday April 1, 2012

Tags: education, schools, teachers, tuition

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