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Nuggets of wisdom from a headmaster

THE new headmaster’s speech at the recent PIBG of my children’s school contained many nuggets of wisdom that I think modern parents can learn form.

Parental role modelling:

The school had recently installed a pedestrian traffic light crossing at the main gate, and placed two lollipop watchmen at the side entrances. Yet, parents choose to ignore the facilities and weave their way through moving traffic, risking both their own life and that of the children.

The child is taught in school to use pedestrian and zebra crossings and will grow up with conflicting values through the actions of parents who ignore the pedestrian crossings. Which value should the child follow?

I witnessed an accident 10m from the pedestrian traffic lights; a motocyclist knocking down a child who was still holding on to his mother’s hand.

This was in full view of the schoolchildren and parents who had just attended the PIBG meeting.

Robbing the child of self-reliance and independence:

Many parents not only personally ferry their children to school, but also personally compare their child’s homework with their classmates’ in the morning, and attempt to assist the child to finish uncompleted work.

This form of “micro-managing” the child’s school work robs the child of self-reliance and self-responsibility. Homework assistance should be done at home, the night before as with the packing of the right school materials according to the timetable.

Being with the child until the school bell rings also deprives the child of learning social skills through interacting with his/her classmates, as the child would be clinging onto the parent.

Carrying the child’s school bags:

Many parents perform “ helicopter” airlifts carrying bags and food during recess and after school. How is the child to learn the use of money and the survival skills to search for their own food in the canteen?

Will the parents be able to continue to “airlift” the child’s needs when he goes to college and university?

I, too, have been “guilty” of some of the points above. From today, I will give my children their independence. They deserve better.


The STAR Home News Opinion Thursday April 12, 2012

Tags: education, pibg, pta

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