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We should laud Chinese schools' achievements

I REFER to Rita Sim's comment piece "Chinese vernacular schools have open door policy" (NST, April 4).

It has cleared a lot of misunderstanding and doubt about the role and value of Chinese education in this country, especially to the non-Chinese community.

The Chinese education system has existed for more than 200 years in this country and it has played a tremendous role in nation-building, producing many talented leaders in many ields -- education, business, politics, sport, journalism, entertainment and more.

Today, many of these Chinese school "products" are doing well overseas.

Chinese education has always been underrated and misunderstood and it is time for the government to play a more proactive role in helping these schools, many of which are in a poor condition and lacking in Mandarin teachers.

Many non-Chinese parents send their children to Chinese schools as they realise the importance and value of Mandarin in a globalised world.

It is also encouraging to note that many English-educated Chinese Malaysians are also sending their children to Chinese schools, as they, too, want their children to master their mother tongue.

It is good that the Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to be educated in their mother tongue. This is our greatest blessing.

By David Tih, Malacca

Source: New Straits Times Letters to the Editors Wednesday, April 18, 2012 
Tags: education, policy, schools, vernacular

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