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Only for those with the passion

I WRITE in response to “Intern-ship is crucial” (The Star, April 16). I strongly agree with the writer’s point that only those who have an interest to become a doctor pursue to become one.

I would say that only those with love and passion for the profession would be able to endure and overcome any hindrance along the way in the pursuit of their dream career as their passion can and will fuel them to strive harder even under considerable stress.

Stress is a very subjective and personal matter. A person may find a situation stressful, but not another. The stress-tolerance level varies from one individual to another.

How much stress one can tolerate depends on the person’s innate character and his willingness and determination to overcome the stress.

This can depend on his upbringing, the environment he grows up in, the influence and effect the people around him have on him, and more importantly whether he sees any solid and fundamental reason for him to face the stress head-on and overcome it effectively.

If there is no interest or passion in the chosen field, but to only fulfil one’s parents’ wishes, attain financial gain or social status, or to join the string of doctors in the family, then, there is hardly any real meaning to enduring all the stress.

The journey will be a very long, lonely, difficult and unhappy one, right till the end. In fact, the stress could have come from pursuing something against one’s wishes just to please others or pursuing a meaningless and loveless career.

CPL, Petaling Jaya.

The STAR Home News Opinion Wendesday April 18, 2012

Tags: passion, stress, tension

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