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ASIDE from visiting some of the schools for the Teach For Malaysia Week, StarEducate also received feedback on the week via phone and e-mail interviews with the personalities who participated in the event. Below are their accounts of being guest teachers at the various schools as well as their hopes for the programme’s ambitions of reducing inequality in education.

Pearson Education Singapore and Malaysia representative Marilyn Loke:

“It was a wonderful opportunity for me to be back in the classroom trying to make a difference no matter how little impact it will bring.”

UBS head of Malaysia equities Haizan Johari:

I made it a point to choose the most rural school on the list, and SMK Gemas seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

“The main reason for doing so was to experience the raw contrast of my mostly urban upbringing and those from a rural part of the country ... it was truly an eye-opening experience.”

Media Prima Bhd chief operating officer Ahmad Izham Omar:

“I like interacting with young people, as their minds are fresh and they think differently. I think I will learn more from them than they would from me!

Actress Carmen Soo:

“After the class I had a newfound respect for teachers - it is mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting to even conduct one class.”

National Cancer Society of Malaysia president and medical director Dr Saunthari Somasundaram:

“I hope that through my life experiences, I was able to enlighten the children on how education can be used as a building block or a means to wider and more diverse options in life.”

Traditional Indian dancer January Low:

“I shared with them my experience as a dancer and how discipline and passion has given me the opportunity to travel, meet different people and learn and respect different cultures ... I hope that I managed to get the students excited about life and to do anything that they want to.”

Deloitte Malaysia consulting director Martin Ng:

“From the onset, I really wanted to share points in my life where I drew the most valuable lessons. It felt good to impart something close to your heart as if they were your own children.”

Education deputy director-general Datuk Dr Khair Mohamad Yusof:

“SMK Jeram is a rural and an average performing school; with the presence of TFM fellows Jessica Leong (a linguist teaching History), Mohd Hafizuddin (a medical doctor teaching Science) and Shahrun Niza (an engineer teaching Mathematics) can hopefully help the school to enrich their instructional development and students’ learning.”

Sunway Group founder and chairman Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah:

“I was there to share my experience with the hope of inspiring the students instead of actually teaching Mathematics. I also tried my very best to make the students understand the importance of education and to master the English language.”

Lawyer Rebecca Jeyanthi Selvaraj:

“I truly believe that the extra attention given to these students through TFM’s efforts will go a long way and I’m very confident that the seeds sown now in the lives of these students will bear fruit one day - perhaps slowly, but surely!”

Education NKRA director Tengku Azian Tengku Shariman:

The fellows are catalyst of change in schools by infusing energy, enthusiasm and innovative teaching methods in schools. In the longer term, we hope the fellows will choose teaching as their long term career option.”

TFM trustee, Shahnaz Al-Sadat Abdul Mohsein:

“I fully emphatise with the struggle of having to finish the syllabus versus spending time to motivate the children.

“I suppose we have to agree on some balanced formulae of priorities; I am hoping that our education system and the schools would be open to such an idea.”

Boston Consulting Group principal Rick Ramli:

“I feel that TFM is a great platform to get some of our brightest and smartest youths to contribute in a meaningful way to the teaching profession.”

Lawyer and part-time law lecturer Christina Chelliah:

“As I left the class, I was very happy to have had the chance to interact with this bunch of students. At the same time, it reminded me about how there is still so much to be done, which is why the efforts of TFM are so necessary.”

TFM trustee and former Education deputy director-general Datuk Noor Rezan Bapoo Hashim:

“I am very impressed with how the fellows are handling the students. After over 35 years of service with the ministry, I’ve learnt something new from the fellows.”

Asli Centre for Public Policy Studies chairman and Sunway Group corporate advisor Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam:

“I just gave the History lesson a practical flavour based on my experience, and I tried to motivate them (the students) to reach their full potential. I told them how I shouted Merdeka seven times with Tunku Abdul Rahman at the Merdeka Stadium on Merdeka Day in Aug 31, 1957... as well as my account of the hard life I had during the Japanese regime.”

Albukhary International University vice-chancellor Prof Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak:

“Teaching is often a “conversion” (albeit a structured one) to educate and be educated by the students... Students need to believe in themselves foremost, and learn how to take change their future. The rest will fall in place.

TFM co-founder Keeran Sivarajah:

“These children are so bright with so much potential. They have not been accorded the same opportunities that other children are used to... This experience reinforced my belief that these children do not succeed not due to a lack of ability, but due to a lack of opportunity. And I am glad that Teach For Malaysia is changing that reality.”

Source: The STAR Online Home Education Sunday April 22, 2012

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