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Of early retirement and benefits earned

I WRITE in response to the article “Sentimental about calling it quits” (StarEducate, May 6).

School holidays and after school hours is when a teacher finally gets time off to do what he or she wants such as conducting tuition or taking an overseas trip.

The privileges and “rewards” for teachers are countless and serves as an inspiration for others to take up the noble profession.

What teachers get from the package is a form of gratification, “compensation” and largely a satisfaction.

People say that there is no retirement for doctors and teachers be-cause they can continue working pass the retirement age (taking on self-employment).

Of course, there are many workers and employees who would rather go on full retirement when they are 55 years old so that they can still enjoy the remaining years with whatever they have acquired (cash and assets).

There is a saying that goes “What you spend during this lifetime is yours and what you leave behind in the bank is not yours”.

Therefore, there should be a time to call it quits so that you can give yourself enough time to enjoy life as a retiree.

These days, life is so unpredictable. It is best to retire if you have the finances and whatever that is required to enjoy life during your remaining years.

It is good to look at the positive side of things but there have been many cases of retirees who passed away within days or a few years after retiring.

Nobody knows when he or she will pass on or how much longer a retiree will live to spend his hard-earned wealth. It is not within anyone’s power to predict death and everyone must accept this.

It does not make sense to have so much wealth and yet have so little time to spend it.

If one can retire at 55 years and live until 65 years, then he or she will have 10 years of life to spend what they have. If one lives beyond that, then he or she will get to spend more of what they have earned.

To retire at 55 years or 60 years may be good for most people as they get to enjoy their golden years. However, it may not be practical to put off retirement until after 65 years as many people may not be in the best of health to enjoy life.

Link To ..... Sentimental About Calling It Quit May 6, 2012

LAU BING Via e-mail

The STAR Online Home Education Sunday May 13, 2012

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