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Marriage a gamble worth taking

I REFER to “Marriages are not made in heaven” (The Star, May 14).

The saying is: Marriages are decided in heaven and made on Earth, meaning God planned the partners and the marriage is done on earth by man.

In the old days, marriages were fixed by parents who chose the partners, arranged the dates etc.

Back then, people used to get married in the early 20s. Their joint earnings were enough for house, a car loan and enough to bring up their kids. Maybe this was because it was much cheaper then.

It is important to look into the disadvantages of delayed marriages.

Today, youngsters are too independent and parents have little or no say in their children’s marriage.

The youths today prefer to enjoy life free of entanglement and give excuses such as financial problems.

As the letter writer rightly pointed out, this could end up with them remaining single.

In such a scenario, a person without a life partnercould end up being a frustrated soul. Another problem is no one wants to be an old and unhealthy parent after a late marriage.

Marriage is always a gamble and never a bed of roses. Tolerance, cooperation and understanding between partners are necessary for a successful married life.

Without any delay and before becoming old grooms or old first-time fathers, my advice to the 60.4%, Malaysians aged 25 and above, unmarried men is “Go all out, find the girl of your choice, get married and see what you have missed in marriage... Experience is the best teacher”.

K.T. Mentakab.

The STAR Home News Opinion Thursday May 17, 2012

Tags: life, marriage

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