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University lecturers too deserve to be looked after

I APPLAUD the Deputy Prime Minister’s recent statement that the Government would look into the salary scale of university lecturers.

It’s a high time that lecturers get fair attention from the Higher Education Ministry as their counterparts, teachers did from the Education Ministry.

Little has been said about the workload and pay scale of lecturers.

Lecturers have their fair share of the workload. Besides teaching, marking assignments/examinations papers etc., lecturers who are non PhD holders have to obtain their PhDs, conduct research, writing books/journals and get them published. They are also required to attend conferences and present papers, research findings, etc.

On top of this, the lecturers most important task is to ensure the quality of their students because the marketability of students is also taken into consideration.

Lecturers are also burdened with administrative work and all work done is subjected to stringent quality audit from the respective qualifying agencies such as MQA (Malaysian Qualifying Agency), AACSB (The Association of Advance Colligiate School of Business) accreditation, COPA (Council on Postsecondary Accreditation) and etc.

In a nutshell, it’s the right time that the Higher Education Ministry proactively initiate a salary review for lecturers to make it more competitive and in line with the nation’s aspiration to transform Malaysia as a hub for higher education studies.

Competitive salaries will also benefit the nation in terms of luring the best talent to serve in the local institutions of higher learning.

S.C. TAN, Sintok, Kedah.
The STAR Online Home News Opinion Friday May 25, 2012

Tags: teachers

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