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Discipline: Some still need to be cane

THE letter "Deny children what they love most" (NST, May 31) has called for the need to execute punishment in different ways and in a more humane way. The writer has discouraged caning.

The writer fails to realise that the students of today are different from the students of yesteryear by their boldness, aggressiveness and violent nature. Students today are more boisterous and rebellious because they are more aware of their rights and know the limitations of the teacher.

It is easy for those not involved in teaching to pass judgement on the caning issue. Teachers in schools know of what they are going through mentally and emotionally due to student indiscipline. Students have no fear of teachers. It is not easy to teach without proper class management.

Teachers do not have the time to try out the "denial approach" in the classroom. Caning is the only proven way to get their attention. No one is advocating that the teacher goes on a rampage caning of every student who misbehaves. Caning is only to be used for students who have no fear of rules and who transgress the rights of other students.

Widespread student indiscipline such as gangsterism, bullying and truancy are the symptoms of an educational system that needs to be revamped. Having students who are non-academically inclined in normal schools is a sheer waste of human potential and a nerve-wracking experience for academically inclined students and teachers.

The short-term treatment to indiscipline in schools is to "Bring back the cane" (NST, May 26) to the school. Teachers should be given the authority to wield power to bring order in school. Fear and pain can bring students to their senses.

Psychology, denial strategies and counselling sessions do not work with these students, only pukul-logy can discipline them. It can be harsh but that is the only way to discipline students who have gone astray. Since parents have failed to play their role as guardians, then schools should be given the onus to punish them accordingly.

Student indiscipline in schools needs to be dealt with seriously and urgently. Teachers have to be entrusted with authority to wield some power. The British, who are supposedly the moral custodians of human rights of children, advocate the maxim "spare the rod and spoil the child". Some children need to be caned.

Samuel Yesuiah, Seremban, Negri Sembilan

Sourcee: New Straits Times Letters to the Editors 01 June 2012 
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