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New STPM syllabus ready for use

I refer to the article Form Six syllabus for Tamil subjects not ready yet (Other News & Views,The Star, May 16).

The Malaysian Examinations Council (MEC) is pleased to inform that all syllabus based on the new Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) Assessment System, including the Tamil subject, are ready and can be used by teachers and Form Six students for the 2012/2013 intake.

The council has issued a notification letter, dated Jan 27, regarding the implementation of the new assessment system, to all state education departments and schools which have Form Six classes.

The council has also distributed the syllabus to the Education Ministry, state education departments, government schools, government assisted schools and private schools.

In addition, the council has also uploaded the syllabus including the Tamil subject, on the council portal ( on Feb 2, 2012.

All teachers and students may download the syllabus from this portal.

In the Form Six system, no textbook is used.

Instead, students will use the reference books listed in the syllabus throughout their Form Six studies.

On this matter, the council will ensure that the stated reference books are available in the market before the lower six form students begin their studies.

The STAR Online Home Education Sunday June 3, 2012 

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