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Parents must play their part

I AM pleased to read “The parent factor” (StarEducate, June 3). I know of parents who teach their kids at home. They do not send them to school or to any tuition centre. Their children take the usual exams and then prepare for further studies overseas.

Apart from school books, these parents are also involved in all kinds of educational activites for their kids, which I think is great.

Many parents don’t take an active interest in their children or their studies; not even where they go or what time they come home.

We take it so easy, no wonder so many of our kids go astray.

I think this is one reason why we see more children committing crimes and misdemeanours.

This I note as a Children’s Court advisor for the past 12 years. Kids’ crime is on the rise today. This is all bad and wrong. Why is this happening?

Why don’t we educate our kids at home? Why leave this task to teachers at school? After all these are our kids, and we have a job to do as parents.

I am told that in some western countries, parents go to school and seek the cooperation of teachers as to how and where they can be of help.

Some parents are even scheduled to teach, on whatever days they are available. Others would substitute for teachers who go on leave. How nice.

Perhaps the Education Ministry can look into such innovative ways of cooperation to enhance the education of our children.

Discipline being what it is today in schools, parents must see that they do a good job of raising well-disciplined children at home. We must bond with our kids while we instil in them good values and keep them away from all that is bad and ugly. Teach them to pray daily, too.

Some parents say they don’t have time and that there is little they can do. Others maintain that economic and social conditions force them to work long hours or far from home.

That may be the reality, but can we leave things like this?

We, as parents, have an important duty and role to play in the education and welfare of our children.

Source: The STAR Online Home Education Sunday June 10, 2012 

Tags: disiplin, parents

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