kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Corporal punishment is outdated

CANING as a form of punishment does more harm than good to students. In this day and age, parents and teachers can do a better job of instilling discipline in children.

Caning not only causes physical pain but mental and emotional distress. It induces fear and hatred rather than respect; it erodes confidence and self-esteem.

Teachers should be more professional and compassionate in dealing with problematic students. If need be, trained counsellors and child psychologists should be brought in.

As a tertiary student, I feel that caning is not the way to correct wayward students. A lot can be overcome by approaching them with love and understanding.

A good relationship between teachers and students is most important.

Source: The STAR Online Home Education Sunday June 10, 2012 

Tags: caning, disiplin

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