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Ministry has guidelines on school fund-raising

WE refer to the articles “Not way to raise PTA funds” (The Star, June 13) and “Unsafe for children to roam around raising money” (The Star, June 14).

The Education Ministry has circulated among schools guidelines on collection of donations carried out by students, that fund-raising activities are planned and agreed to by the school and its parent-teacher association.

The conditions for fund-raising are:

> Funds collected are for the benefit of the students and the school; donations are voluntary; fund-raising activities do not affect lessons and learning; and to ensure the safety and welfare of students involved.

> To obtain permission from the authorities; to set up a fund-raising committee; to involve students; and responsibility lies with the school headmaster and the Director of Education.

> The school requires approval from the Director of Education.

The ministry has also circulated guidelines on school walkathons, which state that such efforts are not prohibited, and that the participants are the students.

Walkathons have to be carefully planned and the safety and welfare of students involved are ensured. Students need parental consent to take part.

The ministry agrees with PTA suggestions to undertake alternative fund-raising activities that are more creative for students and teachers, such as canteen day, entrepreneurship day, charity dinner and the like, as such activities can strengthen the relationship between teachers and students, foster team spirit, sense of accountability besides developing the students’ entrepreneurial skills.

CORPORATE COMMUNICATION, Ministry of Education Malaysia
The STAR Online Home News Opinion Wednesday June 20, 2012
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