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Good Teachers: Offer a shoulder for students to lean on

EDUCATORS play a very important role in nation-building. There is no doubt that they have taught many students, who later go on to become successful professionals, such as doctors, engineers and lawyers, holding important positions in society and the nation.

Without teachers, it would be very difficult, if not impossible for society to develop and advance.

However, besides the basic duty of teaching, a good educator is someone who can nurture his or her students' potential and turn them into all-rounders.

A good and respected teacher is also a good companion, friend and counsellor to students, people that can be depended on in hard times.


 Nor Azlida Mohamed of SK Sungai Berua, Terengganu, teaching Orang Asli children to read and write. Educators play a vital role in nation-building.

Today's demanding lifestyle sometimes leave students tense.

If students can talk to teachers and vent their frustrations, it will help curb depression and suicide among students.

As pointed out by William Doraisamy in an interview last week, one need not be a graduate to be a good teacher. Many non-graduate teachers have proven that they possess the ability to teach and make their lessons interesting, and fun.

Their passion, humility, dedication, emotional maturity, experience, strong personality, knowledge, wisdom, and courage enable them to teach with distinction. These teachers are truly the nation's unsung heroes.

By David Tih, Malacca
New Straits Times Letters to the Editor 24 June 2012 
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