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Online test tricky for over 50s

I REFER to the article Don’t fear test, teachers told (The Star, June 21). I understand that the English Proficiency test is being conducted online using computers and headphones.

Some elderly teachers (50 and above) who were not proficient in handling computers or had hearing difficulty were frustrated when they sat for the half-hour test.

Therefore, to these senior English teachers the challenge is not the English Proficiency Test but using the computer and headphones. The test result may therefore not be reflective of their proficiency in English.

The Government should take note of this group of teachers who are proficient in the English language but not computer-savvy. They should be given the option to take a written test instead of the online test. This is important as we are extending the retirement age to 60.

K.S. GOH Source: The STAR Online Home Education Let's Hear It Sunday July 1, 2012

Tags: assessment

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