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Science students struggle in Arts

I AGREE with MMA who wrote “A student’s cry for help” (The Star, June 28).

I was an Arts/Accounts Stream student two years ago. Teachers in my school never paid much attention to the “back classes” too. A teacher even told my class that she had no will to conduct lessons in the “back classes” because she knew that they wouldn’t listen and she would be wasting her breath.

The way I see it, this is because of the stereotype that Science Stream students are smarter/better.

It used to be, if a student wants a career in the scientific field, they go for the Science Stream which gives them a foundation in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, while the Arts Stream is for those who choose professions such as fashion design or the performing arts. However, the thinking these days is that Science Stream is for the intelligent while Arts is for slow-learners.

Many of my friends who were in the Science Stream took up Arts courses in college. And many college students from the Science Stream who got straight A’s in SPM have difficulty with basic economics or accounts. If they had been in the Arts Stream, they would have the basics. So why go for Science Stream in the first place?

My friends said they didn’t want to be thought of as “stupid”, so they went for the Science Stream even though they had planned to take up interior design or culinary arts in college. People today are kiasu and most students just want to be in Science Stream to be on top of the social ladder, and not because they are planning for a career in the science field.

It’s time we drop the stereotype. Students should go for what they have planned for their future, rather than join a class for the sake of popularity in school.

T, Shah Alam Source: The STAR Home News Opinion Monday July 2, 2012 

Tags: arts, science, students

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