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CTI, PCI - New principles for civil servants to live by

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has listed six principles for civil servants to adopt to help them move beyond a "business as usual" mindset.

He outlined two new acronyms - CTI, which stands for cepat, tepat dan integriti (swift, accurate and integrity) and PCI or produktiviti, kreativiti dan innovasi (productivity, creativity and innovation) - as new call signs for better service to the people.

PM: 'What is important is not the output but the outcome'.

"I believe these two acronyms mirror the process of renewal that we need to carry out, a process that is more innovative, which we want as a civil service, constantly seeking new ideas, good ideas that are not so conventional.

"What is important is not the output but the outcome," he said when addressing staff of the various agencies under the Prime Minister's Department during their monthly gathering here this morning.

In giving an example of the success of the PCI, Najib cited the success of the government in creating the Urban Transformation Centre in Malacca recently which, according to him, could be developed swiftly.

He said this was a significant innovation when the government agencies in the states and at the federal level could be placed together under one roof to make it easier for the public to carry out official transactions.

The Prime Minister, who is a 'football fan', subsequently cited the success of the Spanish football team in lifting the Euro 2012 title by beating Italy 4-0 early this morning.

According to him, Spain won when the team adopted a new approach of playing without strikers but instead depended on the six midfielders to score the goals.

"This was an unconventonal formation, one that was untested, but yet it succeeded to make Spain as the European champion. As a government, we are also looking for ideas that are unique," he said.

By JOSEPH SIPALAN Source: The STAR Home News Nation Monday July 2, 2012

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