kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Management of CPT pathetic

I WAS one of the many English teachers involved in the Cambridge Placement Test (CPT) carried out recently.

Being a responsible and concerned person, I spent seven hours to complete a test which was meant to be completed within 30 minutes, due to flaws in the online system.

My colleague actually did the test while taking care of her hospitalised child. She spent four hours on it.

To our utter shock, only the two of us were called for the second phase meeting, because it seemed that we had not sat for the test at all. When I tried to explain, the reply I received was just not acceptable.

The officer-in-charge made fun of my effort of staying up to finish my job. This was the comment made: “Maybe the system was not able to identify you, since you did it in the middle of the night.”

I spent a good seven hours completing my work on my own, yet the system failed to register my name.

And the irony of all this is that, some colleagues admitted that they failed to get through to the webpage, yet they were smiling happily because they had somehow passed!

Referring to the remark made by the NUTP’s secretary-general: “Don’t fear test” (The Star, June 21), we do not fear the test, but we hope someone will be able to really explain why English teachers are sitting for such a simple test, which belittles our qualification.

There is definitely a need to rectify the flaws in the system first, since I do not wish to waste my precious time again!

SMR Lunas, Kedah Source: The STAR Online Home News Opinion Tuesday July 3, 2012

Tags: assessment, competency, english, language, test

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