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English Proficiency: Make 'role models' in ministry sit the test first

I WAS delighted to read the letter by Lim Bee Hoon "Blanket assessment an insult" (NST, July 4).

I must say that it is hard to get an honest, dedicated and committed head of a school to express his or her frank opinion to the public.

The majority of headmasters and headmistresses are either good at pleasing their superiors or prefer to keep quiet for fear of being victimised.

Teachers have definitely lost their pride due to the haphazard planning and idiosyncrasies of some education officers, whether at the district, state or ministry level.

A very good example would be the sudden reversal of the policy on the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English, after millions of ringgit had been spent on it.

If the education ministry is serious about maintaining and uplifting the standard of English among ministry employees, I propose that the test should start off with excellent teachers in schools, education officers at the district education offices, and officials at the state education departments and the ministry.

This is because these groups of officers are supposed to be the role model for teachers.

Otherwise the selection process of these so-called role models of the ministry would definitely be questionable.

How can we force ordinary teachers to take the test when they are supposed to be average or mediocre teachers while the role models are being spared.

If the ministry really wants to start off the "English Proficiency Test", by all means please start off with those officers who are supposed to be the role model for teachers.

As a retired teacher, I hope my suggestion would be considered by the ministry.

By W.K.C., Segamat, Johor Source:  New Straits Times Letters to the Editor Make 'role models' in ministry sit the test first -  13 July 2012

Tags: education, english, language

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