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E-mail the most successful way

WHAT if we did not receive all the messages through e-mail but instead through conventional mail?

Electronic mail, or “e-mail”, is one of the most successful methods of communication in this new world governed by technology.

E-mail predicates the existence of the Internet, and played an important role in the creation of it.

Global Internet goes back to 1973, and from then it started replacing the conventional mail for almost every use and people started to embrace the e-mail.

But why do people use the e-mail instead of conventional mail?

For the simple reason that it can be easily created, edited, sent and received. It can be received almost instantaneously, after a few seconds, eliminating all international barriers that exist.

But what if suddenly all Internet e-mail services stopped for an unknown period of time and all the e-mails we sent had to be sent through the conventional mail?

For the answer to this question we have to take into account that an average e-mail is about 75KB in size and we can estimate 75KB to be 7,000 words of plain text.

Using the standard writing in one page should fit 250 words, so in order to print 7,000 words we would need 28 pages.

The e-mail statistics for 2011 available at say that the average number of e-mails sent/received per user day is 110 for this year and the figure will keep climbing until 125 in 2015.

If we put these numbers in the equation, we would need an astounding 3,080 pages per user day to print.

With this crisis in the world, it’s a reason to thank the existence of the e-mail, because it’s definitely helps us, save trees and that contributes to reducing global warming, which is one of greatest concerns of the world.

It helps us escape from buying ink that is, by the way, not so cheap and last but not least, it helps us escape from paying mailing charges.

LUIS ESCAMADO NHAMUE Tronoh, Perak Source: The STAR Online Home News Opinion Friday July 27, 2012

Tags: communication, email, ict

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