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Good to learn to defend ourselves

I AM all for “Teaching women to fight back” (The Star, July 29). Although our Inspector- General of Police and Prime Minister have each reported the crime rate in Malaysia as being low and the security issue is only exemplified by a few cases through easy access of information via the social media and Internet, it is still worrisome to note the severity of the criminal cases.

Some believe the criminals victimise others only because they assume that most of us are afraid of them when they attack us.

Hence, if we manage to fight back when attacked, they might be surprised and reconsider their action.

It is a great idea that we, regardless of gender try to equip ourselves with practical skills of self defence to fend off some minor attacks.

But it is more important for all of us to acquire the mindset of self defence.

Simple practises such as walking against the traffic, avoid wearing eye-catching jewellery, staying in crowded areas and having handbags facing the inner side of the road are ways to avoid being preyed upon.

Although considered as common sense, these are often neglected by many of us.

Even if we are equipped with high-ranking qualifications in martial arts, we must also assess the situation before putting up a fight to avoid unnecessary injuries or even fatalities.

Another contributing factor for the barbaric actions of criminals is the lack of compassion and cooperation from the public.

Though some thefts occur in broad daylight, there are cases where witnesses acted blind and deaf towards the incident, neither providing aid during or after the crime.

Recent reports reflecting the lack of moral values and civic consciousness among Malaysians, and the debates on the role of teachers and parents in the upbringing of the Malaysian youths must be taken seriously.

Educating society whether it is the young or the adults is the key to a more civilised society.

We should not forgo our once respected Eastern cultures and moral values despite the race to be among the developed nations in the world.

UNIVERSITY STUDENT Birmingham, England Source: The STAR Online Home News Opinion 31 July 2012

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