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SOLD OUT QUICKLY: Kuih tiga beradik the main attraction at Kelantan bazaars

KOTA BARU: THREE Kelantanese desserts called kuih tiga beradik (cakes of three siblings) continue to top the list of Malay kuih this fasting month.

They are jala mas, buah tanjung and tahi itik.

  Nur Aznita Shamsudin showing the traditional Kelantanese kuih tiga beradik, made up of tahi itik (left, white), jala mas (right) and buah tanjung (top). Pic by Fathil Asri  

They were named as kuih tiga beradik because they were made from the same ingredient -- duck's egg white.

They have been attracting buyers at almost every stall set up at the Ramadan bazaars in the state.

Locals said they would not mind if they bought the three types of cakes every time they shopped at the bazaar.

"They are nice. I will never go without buying them every time I go to the Ramadan bazaar near my home," said Rosnani Ibrahim.

The 19-year-old student said she would buy the desserts along with other dishes for breaking of fast.

Housewife Aznah Malik, 43, said her family would normally buy the desserts at their usual stall near the Sultan Muhammad V stadium.

"Even though prices have gone up this time, we cannot do without them... their taste is different from other Kelantanese desserts like akok and seri muka."

Checks at several stalls here yesterday showed that the three kuih were sold out within two to three hours of delivery to the stalls by suppliers.

"With their different taste and unique names, the desserts continue to attract buyers and we are happy about this as we can make money despite efforts to change their names," traders said.

Two years ago, Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had suggested that names for desserts such as tahi itik (duck's droppings) were unsuitable and needed to be replaced with more attractive ones.

By SHARIFAH MAHSINAH ABDULLAH | Source: New Straits Times General 24 July 2012 
Tags: food, kuih tiga beradik, tahi itik

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