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Kelantanese Cakes: Have a sweeter name for the delicious 'kuih tahi itik'

YOUR report "It's sweet by any name" (NST, July 24) by Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah had me in stitches. It's about the names of the kuih tiga beradik, referring to kuih tahi itik, jala mas and buah tanjung. These cakes are popular in Kelantan. I presume the term tiga beradik (three siblings) is recently coined. In the past, they were not in alliance. I agree for tahi itik (duck's droppings) to be given some rebranding.

Do away with tahi as the traditional chefs of yesteryear had not attended culinary school. Never would they have thought that their concoction would survive until today. Perhaps kuih anu itik sounds palatable. These cakes were in the menu for Kelantanese dignitaries in previous centuries.

The traditional Kelantanese cake, tahi itik, is highly sought after during Ramadan

Anyhow, the name of cakes should not have any filthy connotation. When you are eating it, not only the food must be clean, but the aura of it must also be equally hygienic. When you refer to something as animal droppings, it stinks.

By Mat, Ampang, Selangor Source: New Straits Times Letters to the Editors 30 July 2012
Tags: kuih tiga beradik, tahi itik

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