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Truly, an honest opinion

I LIKED the article under the heading “The truth of the matter” (Star Educate, Aug 19) .

There are many people who like twisting facts but it is the righteous ones who stick up for the rest, and tell the truth.

All relationships are built on trust.

When one tells the truth, they gain the trust of others.

When we speak honestly, our relationship with our spouses, students, colleagues and relatives does grow stronger.

When we hold back the truth, our relationships suffers and it affects us badly.

The article talks about students who despite having achieved “competent” levels in both school and public evaluations still fail to demonstrate any level of mastery in a specified field. Why is this so?

We should not kid or fool ourselves into thinking that we have done well just because our examiners have lowered the passing marks.

This may be the reason why we churn out dishonest people who choose to acquire fake degrees rather than sweat it out.

It could also lead to individuals who think they are superior and have inflated egos. And I am signing off as “yours truly” as I am a truthful person!

BULBIR SINGH Source: The STAR Online Home Education Sunday August 26, 2012

Tags: assessment, honesty, truly

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