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Rape: The question could also be, when Safeguard the interests of underage victims

I REFER to the recent court cases regarding the rape of minors. The judiciary appears to have given two precedents where "having a bright future" is a reason for escaping punishment for raping underage girls.

So, young and innocent girls can be raped by rapists as long as they have a "bright future".

Also, since some religious groups allow "contract" marriages, the rich can rape young girls in the name of "contract" marriage and continue their activities without any punishment. In either case, the the rapist escapes.

Women are perceived as "property" of men to be used or abused as they please. In marriage, the fathers (men) give/donate/present their daughters to the men and call it holy or legal.

In all cases of religions and laws, the men are in power. Other women give their consent and cooperation in the continuation of this subjugation of their own kind.

An old man can marry a girl without any comment from anyone whereas an old woman is condemned if she marries a younger man. A widower can have ready offers for another marriage but a widow is condemned if she were to desire to marry again.

Society calls this equality and women believe it. What an irony.

Gursharan Singh, Kuala Lumpur Source: New Straits Times Letters to the Editor 31 August 2012 
Tags: rape

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