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Education Policy: Bring focus of schools back to students

THE government's efforts to gauge and listen to public views on the education system is commendable. As a parent, I have always been following school affairs as parent-teacher association president and committee member for a number of years.

Schools should be all about the students. Examinations and tests should assess students' understanding of a subject, rather than to trick or fail them.

I have also observed that teachers are always busy with administrative matters, leaving classes frequently unattended.

The PTA, too, is often used just to raise funds for programmes that benefit the school and teachers rather than the students.

PTAs must be a platform to improve the achievements of students.

To improve, one must be open and willing to accept the reality. I acknowledge that there are selfless and dedicated teachers who have been voicing their grievances.

Examinations should assess a student’s understanding of a subject, rather than to trick or fail them.

The fact that there are those who send their children to private and international schools is a clear manifestation of the frustrations of parents. The quality of education and educators in an international school that my daughter goes to is vastly different from a national school.

I humbly hope to see some resoluteness in this upcoming revamp of the education system.

By Concerned citizen, Putrajaya Source: New Straits Times Letters to the Editors 02 September 2012
Tags: assessment, pta

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