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Quality much to be desired

OUR family returned to Malaysia last year after being overseas for a few years.

My children were lucky to start their education in the international school environment when they started their schooling.

When we returned to Malaysia, I wanted to find a school that could provide quality education where my child could build his Bahasa Malaysia foundation from scratch.

It seemed that only the private schools would be able to provide this.

I started scouting for a private school at the beginning of the year and there were a few that had started phasing out the Malaysian syllabus (KBSR) and replacing it with the Cambridge syllabus and termed themselves as “International School”.

I wasn’t too pleased with the facilities and the teaching quality since I could make a comparison with the real international school experience.

What’s more, every local international school will claim to have the best teaching quality and hence the world-class fees that they would be charging.

Most parents in the Klang Valley of average income are paying these fees, hoping their children will receive the best education.

But how much insight do we have about the teachers’ background and their teaching quality.

With so many so called international schools mushrooming, good teachers are being “pinched” with higher salaries offered. How are the schools to maintain or attract good quality teachers in such a situation?

I’m willing to pay if I can be guaranteed my child will be getting the best education and care from the teachers. But from the enquiries and feedback after talking to other parents, it doesn’t seem likely.

How often does the school upgrade the teaching facilities, teaching materials and provide a good resource centre?

When my child is able to cope with his Bahasa, I plan to transfer him back to a public school. Didn’t we all come from public school once upon a time?

CONCERNED PARENT Shah Alam Source: The STAR Online Home News Opinion Tuesday September 4, 2012

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