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Primary students need highly skilled teachers

IS getting 5A’s or 7A’s in the UPSR examination the ultimate focus of primary schools? Is caning the ultimate option?

Handling young children in primary school needs highly skilled teachers.

It may seem to be a trivial matter but the six years of primary education experience moulds a child’s perception towards education, schooling, teachers, as well as instilling the fun of learning in children.

The role of teachers in a child’s education is to create a caring environment in the classroom.

Teachers who listen to what the students have to say and develop a learning environment that is meaningful to the children have the most successful students.

Teachers with a concern for the needs of the students and a student-oriented philosophy have co-operative students who look forward to learning which leads to excellent results.

But that is not the case in SJKT Ladang Emerald in Klang. Students are bogged down with a lot of homework which is not marked by the teacher.

Students are instructed to call at midnight to report about the completion of their homework. Students are also caned for not getting the targeted results.

In my opinion, a good teacher always encourages and motivates his/her students. They guide the weak ones and motivate the good ones.

A good school environment has to be the ultimate objective of a good school leader (headmaster) who leads the teachers along the correct path.

I am very disappointed and hope that stern measures will be taken to curb these unhealthy measures practised by the school.

WORRIED PARENT Shah Alam Source: The STAR Online Home News Opinion Tuesday September 4, 2012

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