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The hallmark of teaching profession

THE Government’s intention of upgrading the teaching profession by sourcing candidates from the high achievers having 6as and above is based on the contention that such candidates are the most suitable materials to become teachers.

However, it must be borne in mind that not all high achievers want to join the teaching profession and they may not be suitable to become teachers.

In fact a long string of As is not an indication of good teaching temperament.

What is more important is dedication and passion for such a vocation, which is realised through a personality that embraces and empathizes the spirit of the young and youthful as well as the compulsion to explore and share knowledge.

Thus, a good teacher is one who not only has a through knowledge of his subjects but also has the ability to communicate and transfer the knowledge to his charges in an interesting and meaningful way.

In short he or she must master not merely the art of teaching but of creative teaching that is something beyond what is normally taught in teachers’ training colleges.

This art of creative teaching is not acquired overnight but developed through experience by way of exploring the many initiatives involved in imparting knowledge through role-play and creative dramatics in the classroom.

In fact the teacher is a performer and his students, the audience; thus he has to employ theatrical and dramatic techniques to motivate, inspire and provoke them to learn as well as to be inquisitive of the world beyond the classroom.

The Education Ministry, I am sure, will take these qualities of a good teacher into consideration, other than just a string of As which in fact is only a yardstick of examination performance but does not reflect the other more pertinent qualities that a good teacher would require.

The thinking behind the Education Blueprint reflects a paradigm shift towards the direction of a consolidated quality educational system that would place it at par with the best in the world.

MOHAMED GHOUSE NASURUDDIN Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang Source: The STAR Online Home News Opinion Tuesday September 18, 2012


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