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Blueprint good, but can be better

KUDOS to the National Education Blueprint that has laid out where the education system is going. However upon close scrutiny, the “core values” seem to be missing.

While English will be tackled aggressively, the teaching of core subjects that are internationally recognised and the doorway to greater global engagement is still to be taught in Bahasa Malaysia, with the Government insisting that no more changes will be made.

Secondly, while History is now being re-altered to develop patriotism, there must be a balanced understanding of the histories of other nations and cultures to create a more rounded understanding of world events.

I also noticed that we are still not tackling the “one session” system that will help students to be in school for a longer time, thus keeping them off the streets, and also parents to know that their children are safe in school.

Thirdly, what is missing is the option for all students to learn about one another’s religious and cultural systems and values. This education about other religions must be for all, both Muslims and the rest, so that there will be a balanced outlook that can eradicate any form of extremism.

Missing also is the part for streamlining schoolchildren into the their own areas of expertise, developing their individual mental strengths to create students who will become experts rather than merely informed and educated workers.

Finally, there is a need to free education from any form of political manoeuvring, placing the whole education system under a board rather than a Government ministry. The person in charge of this board has to be an “expert educator,” with a council to oversee its implementation.

MICHEL WRIGHT Kuala Lumpur Source: The STAR Online Home News Opinion Wednesday September 19, 2012

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