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I COULD not agree more with what your columnist Nithya Sidhhu said in her article under the heading “ Lasting impressions” (StarEducate Sept 30).

I was about to board my flight to Kuching, Sarawak when the article caught my eye and I could not help but think of the good old days when many of my teachers had left an impression on me.

I recall with fond memories the wonderful teachers I had irrespective of race or faith who had their own teaching styles and personalities. They taught us about values and shared their wisdom and opinions on a wide range of issues — from simple matters to complex issues.

Just like “Harry Potter” and others who’ve made an impact on your columnist, I am sure there are teachers who feel the same way about their students too.

There was a time when I sat next to a gentleman at a restaurant and greeted him. He was my former teacher and although he had forgotten my name, he was happy to see me.

”I must have done something right when you were my stud-ent,” he said upon seeing me as I was dressed in my official attire — the uniform of a senior police officer.

It was both a happy and extraordinary experience for me to catch up with my old teacher as he had taught me about values and humility back then.

As for him, I could see that he was elated and beaming for he was truly proud of his former student. It was truly a memorable encounter for both of us.

SUPT MOHD ZANI CHE DIN The STAR Online Home Education Sunday October 7, 2012

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