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Teachers: Make lessons more fun, interactive for students

WHAT are good teachers made of? To answer this, one must reflect on the experiences and sentiments shared by retired principals and teachers.

Today, schools are facing numerous discipline issues because students are not interested in learning. As such, teachers have to engage and interact with their students. They must know their students' talents and skills.

Once teachers recognise their students' strengths and weaknesses, it will be easier for them to plan lessons according to the students' style of learning.

Teachers nowadays are highly qualified, skilled and competent. Some are also computer-savvy and use the Internet to teach.

However, many of these teachers are unable to make an impact on their students because they have no bonding with their students. Thus, teachers have to establish trust so that the students accept what is being taught.

Schools have generally been labelled boring and mundane. That explains why children "run home and walk to school". So, it is the teacher's duty to transform the classroom to be more fun and interactive so that children will "run to school and walk home".

More importantly, teachers should love all their students.

Mediocre teachers tell, good teachers explain, superior teachers demonstrate and great teachers inspire.

Samuel Yesuiah, Seremban, Negri Sembilan | News Straits Times Online Letters to the Editors 10 October 2012
Tags: learning, teachers

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