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English: Examinations must meet international standards

I REFER to the interesting discourse on the importance of English in the letter "Seek Global Recognition" (NST, Oct 3).

Indeed, it is true that many Malaysian students in the past who went through English-medium schools were able to get acceptance into prestigious foreign universities, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The results of English language examinations conducted by the Education Ministry are not internationally recognised or accepted as a yardstick to measure the language competency of students seeking entry into foreign universities.

It is essential that the ministry collaborate with English language assessment organisations to initiate changes to the present mode of assessment of the English language at school level to meet international standards.

If the ministry is able to conduct an internationally-accepted English language examination, it will be beneficial to the nation and students who aspire to enter foreign universities.

Indeed, Malaysia should think outside the box and gain international recognition in all examinations conducted by the ministry. This will help students to compete in the international arena, where the English is used.

T.S. Ramasamy, Kuala Lumpur | New Straits Times Online Letters to the Editors 10 October 2012
Tags: english, exam, language

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