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Create post of discipline teachers

I HAD palpitations when I read the article of the 14-year old schoolboy who died when he was attacked in Malacca.

What was even more painful was that more than 30 people watched and did nothing.

I strongly believe that the discipline level in school children is deteriorating due to the lack of enforcement by the school authorities.

School discipline teachers are “toothless” and therefore discipline problems are expected to get worse.

If only discipline teachers are given more authority and some kind of perks in terms of promotion and less teaching hours, I am sure more teachers will do their job more professionally.

I still remember during my teaching days, my friend Choo and I would go out of the school compound to settle student discipline problems (like fighting), just to be reprimanded by the school head (for leaving the school compound) when we came back later.

We used to have a good relationship with the police who were there to help us.

My point is, if discipline teachers don’t go the extra mile to solve discipline problems in school, nothing much can be done.

But being a teacher-educator now, I see that more than 70% of the undergraduates are females.

With very few males in the profession I expect school discipline problems will get even worse.

I strongly believe that a special post of discipline teacher should be created.

This will definitely create more responsible and powerful discipline teachers.

DR MAHENDRAN MANIAM Seri Kembangan, Selangor The STAR Online Home News Opinion Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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