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Local trainers are just as good as foreign ones

IT is becoming common these days to see foreigners from Britain, Australia and th United States conducting soft skills training here.

Some of these trainers even have settled here due to the booming training industry.

The super dynamics of the training cycle is the result of the Human Resource Development Fund set up by Human Resources Ministry.

Hence many foreigners are taking advantage of this situation to come here.

They are also aware that Malaysians generally “look up” to foreigners and tend to agree to whatever information that they give.

Their professional fee is between RM10, 000 and RM15,000 per day. Their expenses including accommodation, travelling and meals are also taken care of by our local organisers.

The professional fee for local trainers on the other hand range between RM1, 500 and RM2,500 per day.

From my personal experience, attending many training programmes with these trainers, i have learnt that they have limited knowledge and they only emphasise on their concepts and are not open to the concepts and suggestions of others.

Besides, they have poor delivery skills compared to local trainers.

Most foreign trainers conduct training in a “lecture” mode. They just stand and talk without applying the “adult learning” concept in their programmes.

At the end of the day, participants end up getting very little information.

I urge local training organisations as well as corporate organisations to engage more local trainers.

Foreign trainers should only be brought in if there are no local trainers in that particular field.

It’s high time we value and treasure the capabilities of our local professional trainers.

VIGNESWARAN KANNAN Sitiawan The STAR Online Opinion Thursday November 1, 2012

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