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Support discipline teachers

WITH reference to the letter “Create post of discipline teachers” (The Star, Oct 30) by Dr Mahendran Maniam, I would like to bring to his attention and that of the general public that there is such a post in school – Senior Discipline Teacher (Guru Kanan Disiplin) and the teacher concerned is given fewer teaching periods.

I believe that teachers holding this post are responsible individuals and do their best to help the school authorities and students solve, maintain and improve discipline in their schools.

They have the help of several discipline teachers appointed by the school administrators to enforce school rules as well as settle student discipline problems.

I beg to differ with his statement that school discipline teachers are “toothless” but I concur that discipline teachers should be given more authority and perks to motivate and encourage them to execute their duties with more efficiency and commitment to the tasks at hand.

They do not need to be powerful discipline teachers but they must be given the respect that comes with the post.

Senior teachers (Guru Kanan/Ketua Bidang) are accorded this value of respect but not the senior discipline teacher when salutations are made during assemblies and speeches.

If respect is shown towards anyone for that matter, where respect is shown, students will look up to that person and work that comes with it becomes easier and will be done well.

There are discipline teachers who go the extra mile to solve discipline problems in school but with so much of paperwork these days, they struggle to find the time to be effective and responsible discipline and subject teachers.

Complaints have been received that they miss lessons and do not enter class.

No excuses for this misdemeanour but it is a choice they have to make to attend to whatever “crisis” is happening at that time and they have to face the consequences of their “decision-making”; however wise or unwise the decision may be.

There are definitely more females in the teaching profession but this does not mean that with the very few males we have in the profession, school discipline problems will get worse.

The school administrators must be discerning and appoint the best person for the post of discipline teacher and not fill the post because of seniority or that no one else is willing to take up the job.

They must give full support to the discipline teachers so that these teachers will have the confidence to carry out their duties effectively.

LYNNDON Penang The STAR Online Opinion Thursday 1 November 2012

Tags: disiplin, teachers

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