kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Lack of transparency in transfer system

I AM a graduate teacher (Grade DG 44) and am currently teaching in a secondary school on Penang Island.

I have been teaching in the state for 16 years.

In September, I requested for a transfer to my hometown in Selangor (Petaling Utama district) to be with my family and also to look after my parents who are advancing in age, but it was denied.

In the Education Ministry we are supposed to use the online system e.g. Tukar. I am frustrated as there is a lack of transparency in the system.

The officers handling these requests go into hiding or avoid meeting teachers to explain why the transfer requests were rejected.

Appeals also go unheeded.

I should think that asking for a transfer after 16 years teaching in the same state should be an easy process.

I would like someone from the ministry to take note of my frustration because I am one of many hundreds in the same situation.

There should be transparency in the civil service.

The grievances of the rakyat should be addressed. For your information, this is the fifth year I am asking for a transfer.

FRUSTRATED TEACHER Penang The STAR Home News Opinion Wednesday November 7, 2012

Tags: tarnsfer, teachers

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