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Nightmare for teachers doing online assessments

I REFER to “New online environment creates new problems” (The Star, Nov 1) by Dulciana.

I am not a teacher but my mother is.

Recently, I went back to my parents’ house during Hari Raya Aidiladha and was shocked to see my mother still awake at 4am sitting in front of her laptop with sleepy eyes.

I asked her why she had not gone to bed.

She explained that it was the SPPBS (Sistem Pentaksiran Pengurusan Berasaskan Sekolah). It sounds good but the problems begin as soon as a teacher starts to log into the system.

First, they have to wait for the page to load. Sometimes, their laptop/desktop/tablet will hang due to the overloaded server.

Second, when they manage to log in and key in the data for a few students (and save it a few times just to make sure the data is not lost in the process), their laptop/desktop/tablet will hang again. They wait for the page to refresh.

Sometimes, they have to log in again and find that all the information they keyed in earlier is lost.

Third, the system’s interface is not user-friendly. Teachers cannot choose the student and the chapter individually.

Let’s say the teacher is at Chapter Seven. To go to Chapter Three, she cannot click on Chapter Three. She has to go to Chapter Six, Five. Four and then Three.

In the process, the page might hang and the teacher needs to refresh it again.

My mother is not the only one facing this problem; other teachers are in a similar situation. The server is overloaded during the day and teachers working in the afternoon sessions have no choice but to do this assessment late at night.

With all the problems that come together with this system, it is a nightmare for teachers.

LIZ Cheras, Selangor The Star Home News Opinion Wednesday November 7, 2012

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