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Teachers face anxiety as online submissions deadline nears

I REFER to “Nightmare for teachers doing online assessments” (The Star, Nov 7).

The writer has very accurately described the frustration experienced by her mother and many other teachers throughout the country in trying to key in the online reports for the School Based Assessment (SPPBS).

Countless valuable man hours have been lost in this seemingly impossible task.

My wife, a teacher in a secondary school, has been trying to submit her reports for over two weeks.

She has doggedly attempted to log in at various times in the daytime and even at the ungodly hours of the night and the wee hours of the morning. Yet, she has very little to show for all her efforts.

Finally, yesterday, after two hours of persistent work at the computer, she managed to submit the report for only ONE student but subsequently could not navigate the system for any of the others.

I write on seeing her frustration this morning after over two hours at the computer and not one report submitted.

She managed to go as far as to key in a student’s assessment details numerous times only to have the system hang on every attempt to submit the report.

My wife’s colleagues have also faced the same frustrating experience of the system hanging multiple times and being unable to navigate within the system.

The system keeps logging out and requiring the teachers to sign in all over again.

It is very unfair to require teachers to carry out a task with a system that is unable to support the demands on the server.

Adding to the problem is the anxiety faced by the teachers that they will not make the Nov 20 deadline for online submissions.

The unfair demands on the personal time and well-being of the teachers involved go beyond what is expected in any reasonable workplace and need to be addressed urgently.

SIVA Miri The STAR Online Opinion Friday November 9, 2012

Tags: anxiety, assessment, school based assessment, teachers

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