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Teen with 24/7 erection attempts to detach penis

Did you think only rock stars and porn actors swagger around with the 24/7 hard-on? Think again. A teenager in China found himself with a constant erection, but instead of taking advantage of his predicament, he took matters—and a knife—into his own hands and tried to detach himself from his penis.

Since he reached puberty, 17-year-old Xiao Jun from Anxi in Fujian Province has been ashamed and embarrassed by his easily excitable manhood, even the least likeliest and sometimes very public places. Unable to deal with his penis, he locked himself up in his bedroom and cut himself off from the world.

But by last week he had had enough of his hard-on, so he grabbed a knife and attempted to cut his penis off himself. He would have succeeded, too, if he hadn't screamed out in pain. Rushing to his room, his parents found him lying on the floor in a pool of blood with his severely severed genitals.

"I don't know why he did this to himself. He's a good boy. He cooks for the family. He's just very shy. He doesn't talk to anyone," said his mother Wang Lin, adding he stopped going to school when he was 14 after failing his classes.

She added that Xiao Jun did sign up for computer classes in the city, but returned home last year quite suddenly and started staying in for long periods of time.

The distraught teen told doctors at the hospital, "I hate it. I don't want it to be like this." That's when his mum knew of her son's suffering over the last few years. "He must have felt it was very humiliating," she said.

Doctors at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University who performed a 10-hour operation to stitch Xiao Jun's penis back assured his family that the organ would work as planned after a full recovery.

Ye Yanqi, a lecturer of psychology at Liming Vocational University, said unintentional erections are normal for teenagers and anyone disturbed by that fact should talk to their parents or seek advise from medical experts on how to control it.

Reporters who met Xiao Jun at his hospital bed said he refused to speak to them.

Daily Chilly Wednesday 14 November 2012

Tags: education, science

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