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Teachers, do your job and stop complaining

IT is pretty disappointing to hear the complaints from “Exhausted Teacher” in “System takes too much time, energy” (The Star, Nov 9).

I was a teacher and I opted for the profession due to my love for teaching.

Those days, the salary was not as attractive as today, yet most of the teachers were dedicated and contented.

I had tons of work and paperwork, and there were five or sometimes six tests and examinations throughout the year.

Life was hectic every day, but somehow I was agreeable with it.

After all, I had the chance to enjoy the mid-term and year-end holidays.

Sadly, there are now more “black sheep” among teachers who do not carry out their duties, chatting and complaining about this and that in the staff room, promoting their direct sale products, etc, just because they know that, at the end of the month, they would get their salary and the year-end bonus regardless of their performance.

Compared with the other professions, teaching is considered an attractive career.

Thus to be a good teacher, he or she should find a way to solve problems instead of complaining.

If you think you are unable to manage your work and disagree with the authority, just resign rather than do something that can lead to burnout and frustration.

If you cannot change the world, change your mindset.

AN OPTIMIST Malacca The STAR Online Home News Opinion Wednesday November 14, 2012

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