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Teachers: Improve their working conditions

TEACHERS are the unsung heroes who stand in front of the classroom and teach, educate, convey, extend and develop knowledge among students.

Teachers do this service as a vocation selflessly though beset by personal and professional problems.

They carry on relentlessly in their endeavour to disseminate knowledge to their charges.

There are many teachers who have sick children or spouses, or may themselves be grappling with some diseases. Others may be facing marital breakdowns.

Teachers are the unsung heroes who stand in front of the classroom and teach, educate, convey, extend and develop knowledge among pupils.

There are some teachers who may have professional problems, such as being unfairly bypassed for promotion or working problems with their principals and colleagues.

Students, sometimes, do not make the life of teachers any easier.

Therefore, the report "Honour our teachers" (NST, Oct 23) is a reminder of the contributions and sacrifices of teachers to society.

Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah at the launch of the first National Convention of Education Management said the strength of teachers was in their character and attitude, and not their academic qualification or seniority.

Truthfully and rightfully, it is their character and attitude that have made them soldier on despite shortcomings and problems at home and in school.

Raja Nazrin said to create competitive teachers in schools, the issue of promotions and pay rise should be looked into.

Apart from that, their working environment and needs should be looked into seriously.

Clerical staff should be appointed in schools to do the paperwork and keying in students' marks online.

Teaching hours should be reduced. Classes should be reduced to 20 students and staffrooms should be expanded and be made more comfortable.

Teachers with personal and professional problems should be referred to counsellors and advisers so that they can focus more in classrooms. Improving the standards and working conditions of teachers will spur them to raise their productivity.

Samuel Yesuiah, Seremban, Negri Sembilan New Straits Times Letters to the Editors 20 November 2012

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