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Why the obsession with straight A’s?

THE UPSR results are out and as usual TV and newspapers are reporting the results with students with straight A’s getting all the attention. The same is repeated when SPM and STPM results are out.

Students that do not perform that well are sidelined and looked down upon.

Is it surprising then that children nowadays are under tremendous pressure to do well academically?

The adults should know better than to be so obsessed with the number of A’s a student gets.

Is it of such great significance in the future of a child? Some children are late bloomers and just because they do not do well in the UPSR examination does not mean their future is doomed.

Instead of encouraging them to do better in the future, we, the adults are crushing their self esteem. Worst still are the parents who ridicule their own kids for not doing as well as their peers.

Whenever examination results are out, the often asked question among parents is, “How many A’s did your child get?” Is it not good enough to know whether the child passed the exam?

My appeal to all the parents is not to be so obsessed with straight A’s. Let our children enjoy their time in school. Education is not only about academic results.

CAPT (R) OO KWAN HUAT Butterworth The STAR Online Home News Opinion Friday November 23, 2012

Tags: assessment, exam, upsr

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