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Is it a good thing to publicly reveal straight A list?

I REFER to the letter by Concerned Parent, “A long journey ahead” (The Star, Nov 21), where the writer asks for some consolation for students who did not obtain all As in the recent UPSR examination and the report under Other News & Views where a student was so traumatised that he ran away from school when his name was mistakenly omitted from the straight As list.

Congratulations to all straight A students for a job well done. It is a great feeling when your name is called and the school wants your picture taken with the other straight A students on stage.

My question to school principals is whether it is necessary to publicly announce the names of the straight A students?

Would naming these students be at the expense of the students who did not obtain the same? Could not the results slips just be given away without the fanfare?

Has the Ministry of Education given much thought to the psychological impact it may have on the students who failed to get straight As?

Is it so wrong to take the pictures of all students together regardless of the status of their results? They are all friends anyway and most have been together since the start of primary school.

This long-standing practice appears to be a standard procedure in most schools, whether for UPSR, PMR or SPM and maybe even at STPM.

By all means give due recognition to the top students but a serious rethink is in order if we want to inspire and give hope to the other students. They must be told that all is not lost, to not despair, and that the journey ahead is as bright as it can ever be.

AZIMAH RAHIM Kuala Lumpur The STAR Online Home News Opinion Thursday November 22, 2012

Tags: assessment, upsr

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