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Frustrations of an end-class teacher

I UNDERSTAND exactly how your columnist Mallika Vasugi feels as the class-teacher to an “end class’ (StarEducate Nov 11).

Many of us who teach such classes look forward to the much-awaited weekends to refresh and rejuvenate.

We come to school on Mon-days with a renewed sense of motivation only to be let down yet again by the attitude of students.

As an English teacher of a rural school, it’s really frustrating to get them to write in English since they have little or no exposure to the language.

They even have trouble putting their thoughts into words for an essay in Bahasa Malaysia, so am I supposed to feel upset by their refusal or lack of interest in writing an English essay?

Impossible as it may seem, I try hard to make them write, so it is frustrating when they refuse.

I must admit that while students from the end classes can be difficult, they can also bring some joy to their teachers. It is usually the students from these classes who will fuss the most about Teacher’s Day.

Usually students from end classes prefer fun activities and teaching aids involved in the teaching and learning sessions. However, it is not possible to introduce such activities for evey lesson and I must sometimes take the blame.

However, I must mention that we do have a demanding syllabus and rules that teachers are expected to strictly follow.

I have aspirations for my students too, but there can only be some measure of success if they make the effort too.

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