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Don’t wait till the last moment

WE refer to the letter “Teachers face anxiety as online submissions deadline nears” (The Star, Nov 9) by Siva of Miri.

The ministry is very concerned with the problems faced by teachers relating to SPPBS.

Online system vulnerabilities occur due to the overloaded server when many teachers fill in students’ data at the same time.

The ministry suggests that users not wait to the last minute to key-in the marks in the system.

The data can be recorded at any time and can be done immediately after the students exhibit mastery accordingly to the descriptors contained in the Document Performance Standards (DSP) based on the teaching and learning process (PDP) in the classroom.

Users can also identify problems when accessing the online application and among the things that should be considered are:

> Facilities and infrastructure capacity while accessing the application online; examples hardware memory;

> Location and access methods used, whether wireless or cable; and

> Online application server itself.

CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS UNIT Education Ministry The STAR Online Home News Opinion Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tags: assessment, pbs, school based assessment

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