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SPPBS was not implemented properly

I REFER to the letter “Don’t wait till the last moment” (The Star, Dec 5) by the Education Ministry.

It is not the teachers who had to key in the data at the last moment that is the crux of the matter but the Education Ministry’s implementation of the SPPBS in mid-year.

The Form One teachers were called in mid-June for a SPPBS briefing on this new programme.

At first we thought it would be implemented from 2013 but at the end of the briefing we were told to backdate our marks and data from the begining of 2012.

Now that’s a last minute implementation.

Why not wait for 2013 to start fresh?

The teachers had to key in the marks for January from mid-June. Of course this created heavy traffic because we had so much of catching up to do.

Teachers make up a huge number in the civil service and to say that the server can’t handle a large number of users at the same time shows a system that is done at the last minute without prior consultation with the core people, the teachers themselves.

At least the SPPBS webpage could state the number of users that were online at the moment.

The considerations mentioned in the said letter like whether wireless or cable etc are clear indications of a programme that was implemented without being well thought out.

DULCIANA Penang The STAR Online Home News Opinion Thursday December 6, 2012

Tags: assessment, pbs, school based assessment, sppbs

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