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Schools issuing own rules

I REFER to the report “Tudung directive to students troubling” (The Star, Dec 5) by A. Abdullah.

I too have a daughter in secondary school where it was initially a must for all female Muslim students to wear the tudung throughout the entire school day.

A group of parents went to Education Ministry (MOE) and was told that it was up to the individual student on whether to wear the tudung or not.

Go and see your district education office and inform them of this ruling by her school and ask them to issue a letter to inform the headmistress of the right ruling.

It is nobody’s right but the parents of the child, if she/he is a minor on the issue of religion.

To wear the tudung or not must come from the person herself.

Before donning it, she must understand the right reasons as stipulated in Islam as to why a female Muslim must wear the tudung and not follow just because everybody else wears it.

Till today, as long as my daughter does not know or understand the value of wearing a tudung, I will not force it on her.

Coming back to another ridiculous directive from school heads is that currently at my son’s school, I found out that in order for you to maintain your place in class and not drop to a lower class, you must pass Agama.

Regardless of what you get in the other subjects, if you fail Agama, the school will put your child to not one class lower but four classes lower.

That was what happened to my child.

He had got As and Bs on the other subjects, but failed his Agama. He was thrown four classes down till the third last class.

Is it fair to determine a child’s education level based on just one subject?

Even the MOE, gives an average of five subjects to determine a student’s average score before deciding which class he/she should be in.

The head in my child’s school is very adamant on this ruling, and according to the headmaster, it was approved by the state education department.

The kicker was, my child’s total class standing was 92/400, that should put him in the top third class.

By the grace of Allah, my child was able to score most As in the finals and earn a place in the top class next year.

This is one example of a headmaster taking matters into his own hands and forcing all Muslim students to pass Agama or there would be consequences to pay.

I am not afraid for my child, but I do pity the other students that are not doing well in their Agama studies.

I want this ruling to stop and I hope the MOE officials would contact me and do something about this ruling if what this head is doing is wrong.

DON Ampang, Selangor The STAR Online Home News Opinion Thurday December 6, 2012

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