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It is the parents who will decide

THE letter “Tudung directive to students troubling” (The Star, Dec 5) by A. Abdullah of Kajang reminded me of the same incident which happened to my daughter many years back.

She was in a primary school in Ampang. At the end of Year 2, during our shopping trip to buy her school uniform, she told me not to buy her the pinafores anymore, as she had been told that being a Muslim, she had to wear baju kurung and a tudung as her uniform.

Even though I am a Muslim, I was upset that the school wanted to force their students even though it is clearly stated in the school’s Peraturan Sekolah (School Guidelines) that a few options are given to students when it comes to choosing their uniform.

I would rather allow my daughter to understand the concept and let her choose when she decides to wear the tudung.

I wrote a letter to the school stating that I am not allowing my daughter to wear a tudung due to hygiene reasons, because as a young child, she would not be able to take care of herself properly, and at the same time it is clearly allowed by the Education Ministry and does not break any school rule.

Unbelievably, it happened again when she was in Year 5.

Only this time with the added reason to cover the “modesty of the female students”. Then, what about non-Muslim females?.

My daughter was brave enough to ignore this (with our backing, of course) and survived, and finished her primary. It actually didn’t stop there, and another episode continued in secondary school.

To A. Abdullah, just stick to your principles, and do what you think is best for your children. Be brave to discuss this with the school.

To the Education Minister, please look into this.

There are a lot of government schools where headmasters/headmistress think that they can impose any rule they like on students.

PRETTYSANEMOM Ampang, Selangor The STAR Online Home News Opinion Thursday December 6, 2012

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