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Tudung directive to students troubling

I AM a Muslim mother with a 12-year-old daughter who will be in Form 1 next year.

Before this year’s school year ended, there was an orientation by the headmistress of the secondary school where she announced that all Muslim students were not allowed to wear the secondary school pinafore but were required to wear only the baju kurung and cover their heads with a headscarf (tudung) everyday in school.

Even during physical education (PE), it was compulsory to wear thetudung.

My daughter attends a non-religious secondary school and wears atudung for ugama lessons and during religious events in school but she cannot understand why she has to wear one the whole day.

Her father and I are also very upset that the school has set this rule.

Isn’t it my daughter’s choice on whether she wants to don the tudung or not rather than forcing her to wear it against her will?

How can the school impose this ruling when even her parents do not agree to it?

Let my daughter make the choice for herself when she is grown up to understand the significance of donning a tudung.

I know many schools do not force their Muslim students to wear the tudung.

Is the school headmistress allowed to impose her own standards on school dress code?

I hope that my letter will receive the attention of the Education Ministry and a prompt reply as there is only a month left before the next school year begins.

A. ABDULLAH Kajang The STAR Online Home News Opinion Wednesday December 5, 2012

Tags: disiplin, heads, schools

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